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Parkland CLASS Development Proposal

The Waskasoo Community Association received notice from the City of Red Deer Inspections and Licensing Department that Parkland CLASS has resubmitted their development proposal for a 13,000 square foot Administration building, 2400 square foot maintenance shop, and associated parking and other structures. The development is to be located on Parkland’s lot directly east of Parkland School (Lot 4 of what used to be the Riverglen School yard). See the revised plans at the link below.

Inspections and Licensing will NOT be sending out invitations to comment on this revised application. However, if you have comments or concerns, we encourage you to voice them in writing to Martin Kvapil at Any letters received will be forwarded to MPC to be included in the Development Authority’s decision-making process. As of October 4, 2016, the City has received 11 letters.

There is no word on when this development application will go before MPC, but we will notify members via email and facebook when the date is announced. 

The WCA Board is in the process of composing our response to this re-application and will share it with the Waskasoo community when it is completed. 


Because the land is zoned Public Service (PS) and the development is a Discretionary Use within the PS District, the application will be subject to review by the Development Authority (the Municipal Planning Commission). Within the Land Use Bylaws, Section 7.4.3 states that “Within the PS Public Service District the site plan, the relationship between buildings, structures and open space, the architectural treatment of buildings, the provision and architecture of landscaped open space, and the parking layout, shall be subject to approval by the Development Authority.” 

As a redevelopment in an existing neighbourhood, the application is also considered discretionary. Section 7.14.4 of the Land Use Bylaws states: “The Development Authority shall have the authority to impose conditions that require the Redevelopment to conform to a higher standard than required by the applicable regulations, including design elements contained within a Character Statement, for any Redevelopment” (7.14.5).  

The revised plans are shown below with permission from Parkland CLASS.

Download copies of the above images here

Waskasoo Community Association's letter to the City of Red Deer (October 18, 2016) can be viewed here:

Background Information

May 30th, 2016

Development Permit application by Parkland CLASS
(East of Parkland CLASS school on the former River Glen School Site)
6014 – 45 Avenue

Parkland CLASS has submitted a Development Application for the development illustrated below. The Cityhas sent letters to the WCA and to landowners within 100 meters of the proposed development advising that the development is a Discretionary Use within the PS Public Service (Institutional or Government) District and is subject to review by the Development Authority. The letter invited written submissions if recipients had comments and concerns. The WCA has been advised the anticipated Municipal Planning Commission hearing (“MPC”) regarding this proposed development was June 1, 2016. Since the development has not yet been added to the MPC agenda, it appears that it will be postponed to a future date.

The letter from Parkland CLASS to City Council Describing the Administration Building Development City of Red Deer City Council (Agenda, Feb. 1, 2016) can be viewed here:

The WCA has a number of concerns about the proposed development. The WCA sent a letter to the City on May 27, 2016.

The WCA letter can be viewed here:

If you have comments or concerns about this proposal, we encourage you to submit them in writing to the Development Officer, Martin Kvapil, before the MPC hearing. You can also attend the MPC hearing.


We will post the detailed plans for the development if and when they are made available for public dissemination. Further information or clarification about the proposed development may be obtained by contacting The City at 403-342- 8190.

Detailed Plan and Elevation drawings can be viewed here:

The WCA had a meeting with Parkland Class on June 6, 2016. People present included: Martin Kvapil (Inspections and Licensing, CORD), Tara Lodewyk (Planning Manager, CORD), Phil Stephenson (CEO, Parkland CLASS), Dan Verstraete (COO, Parkland CLASS), Robin Anderson (Project Designer, Metro Studio of Building Design), Darcy Garrett (Chairperson, WCA), Brenda Garrett (Secretary, WCA)

Meeting notes can be viewed here:

Note: The following is a summary of the discussion and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Waskasoo Community Association Board.

May 24, 2014 - MPC Meeting

       River Glen Subdivision




Subdivision Report - City of Red Deer



WCA comments



Non-Adjacent Homeowner Comments

Dec 28, 2010 -Waskasoo Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan
                               Chinook’s Edge School Division 73

Letter from City of Red Deer to WCA



Proposed NASP



WCA Response to NASP




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