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Links to East Lincoln's proposals and the WCAs response can be found below.


In 2021, East Lincoln Properties (ELP) purchased 4240 59 St, the large 4 acre lot located between the Red Deer River and Gateway School. The lot has been zoned Public Service and has been part of Red Deer's Open Space Major System since the earliest city bylaws were created in 1978. It has been a key part of the Waskasoo Area Redevelopment Plan and its Environmental Character Statement since 2016. ELP wants to build two four-storey apartment buildings on the land, a use that counters both the land use zoning and the Waskasoo Area Redevelopment Plan. Therefore, in 2022, they applied to the City of Red Deer to rezone the property from PS to R3 multifamily high density and to amend the ARP and character statement. A copy of their application can be seen below at the link to Document Three. 


Along with 72 homeowners and other stakeholders, in October 2022, the Waskasoo Community Association voiced our concerns about these changes and any potential high density development. Our response can be seen by following the link to Document One below. In February 2023, ELP revised their proposed amendments to the Waskasoo ARP and Environmental Character Statements. The new amendment s can be seen at the link to Document Two below.  

Comments on ELPs proposals and amendments can be made by writing to Orland Toews at The current deadline is March 1, 2023. You must include your name and address.

It is also important that you attend the Council meeting where Council considers First Reading of these amendments. To show solidarity with the WCAs position, wear RED! The anticipated date for this meeting is April 3, 2023. However, these dates and agenda items are fluid. Please sign up to the Waskasoo email list for updated days and times. You can sign up for email by contacting

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Waskasoo Community Association's response to East Lincoln Properties' proposal.

CLICK HERE to download the letter from City Planning and Growth Department regarding further amendments East Lincoln Properties wishes to make to their proposal to rezone 4240 59 St to high density multifamily R3 and to amend the Waskasoo Area Redevelopment Plan.

CLICK HERE to download the initial mail out from the City Planning and Growth Department regarding amendments East Lincoln Properties are proposing for 4240 59 St. These amendments include rezoning the property from PS (Public Service) to R3 (Multifamily High Density) as well as numerous changes to the Waskasoo Area Redevelopment Plan and relevant Character Statement for the property. 

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