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Main Feature

The playground's main feature will be a one-of-a-kind play sculpture that honours the natural history of our surrounding parkland landscape. Scroll down for more information.
Up until the Red Deer area was settled, there were vast herds of elk roaming the surrounding parklands, and many First Nations and Metis came to the area to hunt. "Waskasoo," in fact, is one of the Ne Hiyawak, or Cree, words for elk.
Our main play feature, designed for us by Earthscape Play in Ontario,  takes the shape of our community's namesake -- an elk with his head thrown back ready to bugle.

The antlers are a log jam play feature with metal core ropes that will challenge kids of all ages. The side of the head has footholds to encourage little ones to climb aboard!
The top of the elk's head is covered with a hammock or net for climbing, resting, or just observing.
On the back is a multi-use rubber mat that can act as a slide, challenging climbing surface, a jumping feature, or whatever else kiddos can think of!
And, the play doesn't stop on the outside. Two doors mean children can explore inside the structure where they will find tactile features and a bench for gathering and making new friends.
The sculpture is also nestled in a wood fibre surface that is CSA approved for safety and wheelchair friendly. Both entrances are also wheelchair accessible.
Take a fly-through with this 3D video.
Dimensions and Details

The elk head is 12' tall at its highest point and, with a 24' x 24' footprint, is more than double the size of the current climbing equipment. The antler posts are made out of robinia and are tilted three degrees. The cladding on the head is accoya and, 
while it's not shown here, will be spaced with 1/4" to 3" gaps for visibility and air circulation.  

Click here to learn more about the secondary play features

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