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Sand Lot for Tots

Little ones love to play in the sand, so roughly one quarter of the play area will be devoted to the stuff. But this will be so much more than a "box." 
In the 1970's a 10,000 year-old bison tibia was unearthed at the mouth of Waskasoo Creek. As a nod to our natural history, the playground will feature a set of bision bones carved into a slab of live-edge oak and buried beneath the sand's surface just waiting for future archaeologists to discover!
Swing Along
One thing that was made very clear during our public consultations was that families wanted baby swings! Therefore, a set of baby swings will be installed in the south-east play lobe. These will have interchangeable saddles, and can be reconfigured if neighbourhood needs change.
Nurture Nature
Let your child be wild. In a natural playground, the landscaping also becomes part of the varied and imaginative playscape. In the Waskasoo Natural Playground, an asphalt pathway will usher people into the park but also be used for chalk art, biking, scooting, and racing. The landscaped berm will be used for climbing, rolling, and sliding as well as for seating for field events. And the landscape borders filled with boulders, mulch, trees, and play-friendly perennials will create opportunities to interact with nature and inspire imaginary, sensory and tactile free play. It will all be just waiting for kids to explore.
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