About the Community Gardens

The Waskasoo Community Gardens are located in the Waskasoo Playground at 4409 58th Street. We have 10 garden plots, two perennial beds and a fruit and berry orchard.


While the ten garden plots are planted and harvested by private families, the orchard and perennial beds are open to the public to enjoy. In the orchard you will find apples, cherries, chokeberries, and haskaps and in the perennial beds you can help yourself to rhubarb, herbs, and cut flowers. 

Interested in volunteering with us? We are always looking for people to tend and water the public spaces. Email secretary@waskasoo.info if you're interested.

Waskasoo Community Gardens: Establishing the Rules


There is a $10 annual fee for each plot.  


Those who have already been assigned a garden plot will be able to re-register for the next season in March and April before registration opens to the public.


If any garden plots are not claimed by returning gardeners, they will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis according to the timeline below. Generally, new plot registrations occur in late April or early May.


To re-register or apply for a plot, please fill out and submit the Garden Plot Agreement below.


All important dates will mirror those used by The City of Red Deer which for 2020 are:


March 2 - 27: 2019 gardeners can re-register

March 30 - April 24: Previous renters may switch to another available plot

April 25: Remaining plots open to the public

May 15: Gardens open for planting

July 6: Weed It or Lose It” date

October 9: Plots close for the season


Perennial beds and orchard are open to the public to harvest.

Community Gardens Registration

Currently no plots available. Please check again in April.

If you have any questions, please contact Brenda at garrettb@telus.net.


Email secretary@waskasoo.info


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